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Things are always changing and improving so we frequently publish useful articles in this section. Here you can learn more about what you can do to help support Novak Sanitary Services in our unending mission to keep the greater Sioux Falls region clean and pristine.

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Recyclable Items: Single-Stream Recycling Dos and Do Nots

Single-stream recycling is one of the easiest ways for families to recycle. Novak Sanitary Service provides residential recycling at no additional cost for customers who have residential garbage service. With our Recycling Perks program, customers can actually earn rewards by recycling. Single-stream recycling is very simple. We provide a bin, and your family places recyclables in the bin. While most items may be recyclable, some items might not necessarily be fit for single-stream recycling (i.e. to-go containers, electronics, scrap metal etc.) and should be taken to a place that’s certified for the proper disposal of those recyclable items.

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How Do You Get Rid of Paint? Toss It? Recycle It?

Many of our summer and fall projects can only be done because the weather allows it, and one of the biggest summer projects that we take on is painting.  Whether you’re painting the outside of your house, or you’re painting individual rooms, summer is the perfect time to do it.  With plenty of sunshine outside, the time it takes for your paint to dry is drastically cut down.  If you’re painting indoors, leaving windows open so a fresh breeze can circulate through your house is essential.  Once you’ve finished – your tools all packed up and your house looking brand new – you’ll need to dispose of the excess paint properly.

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Novak Residential Recycling Program Accepts Empty Aerosol Cans

Did you know you that the residential recycling program at Novak Sanitary Services will accept your empty aerosol cans? In fact, in Sioux Falls, it’s mandatory that aerosol cans be recycled to keep them from taking up space in our landfills.

Aerosol cans are a very convenient dispersion tool that help us with everything from painting and lubricating to insect repellent. By signing up for our Recyclebank program, you get free rewards and gifts by taking advantage of our residential recycling program.

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Recycle Your Empty Cartons with Novak’s Residential Recycling Service

Did you know that in addition to your plastic and glass waste, you can also use Novak’s residential recycling services to recycle milk and juice cartons? By signing up for residential recycling services, Novak Sanitary Services customers can earn points through the Recyclebank program. RecycleBank gives customers points for the amount of recyclable materials collected from their recycling bin. Help the planet and earn rewards while you recycle your milk and juice cartons with Novak’s residential recycling services.

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Recycled Lawn Decor

Recycled lawn décor has enjoyed steady growth recently thanks to websites where people can share great ideas to dress up the yard with unique and creative recycled items. Using recycled materials as yard art is not only fun to do, it’s environmentally friendly by reducing waste and consumption.

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Where Your Recyclable Items Go

After Novak picks up your recyclables, we deliver them to Millennium Recycling, Inc. They separate the materials and ship it to companies that use the material to remanufacture items like cereal boxes, paper towels, polar fleece and countless other products. Recycling is an important way you can positively impact the environment.

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Donate Your Eyeglasses

While you may no longer have any need for your old eyeglasses there are groups in our community that are looking to help others with them.

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