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Things are always changing and improving so we frequently publish useful articles in this section. Here you can learn more about what you can do to help support Novak Sanitary Services in our unending mission to keep the greater Sioux Falls region clean and pristine.

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Businesses Benefit from a Waste Audit

Before your business implements a recycling program, your organization should conduct a waste audit for its commercial waste service. The term “waste audit” might not be one that most businesses are familiar with. Novak Sanitary Service can help you conduct a free waste audit on the types of waste your business generates. Every business generates waste, and Novak can provide commercial waste service for your business. A waste audit can help your business with the commercial waste it produces and end up saving you time and money.

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Businesses Benefit from Sioux Falls Hazardous Waste Management Program

The City of Sioux Falls has developed a Business Hazardous Waste Management Program that offers businesses and organizations a safe, easy, and economical option to have small amounts of hazardous waste picked up at their business location in Lake, Lincoln, McCook, Minnehaha and Turner Counties.

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