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Businesses Benefit from Sioux Falls Hazardous Waste Management Program

The City of Sioux Falls has developed a Business Hazardous Waste Management Program that offers businesses and organizations a safe, easy, and economical option to have small amounts of hazardous waste picked up at their business location in Lake, Lincoln, McCook, Minnehaha and Turner Counties.

Note: Because Hazardous Wastes are not allowed in the landfill, it is not lawful to place
            Hazardous Waste materials in any of Novak Sanitary’s containers—dumpsters or roll-offs.

To support businesses, the City has chosen a hazardous waste contractor and covers their transportation and labor costs. Then, businesses are only invoiced for the actual disposal of the waste they generate. The cost will vary depending on the type and amount of waste being disposed.

The current contractor is Veolia ES Technical Solutions.

What are the Program’s eligibility requirements?
  •  Business and organizations must be located within Lake, Lincoln, McCook, Minnehaha, and Turner Counties
  • Businesses and organizations must be classified as a Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator (CESQG) in accordance with 40 CFR 261.5
    • Generate less than 2.2 lbs of acute or 220 lbs of non-acute hazardous waste onsite at any time
    • The waste includes something other than fluorescent bulbs or electronics.

How does the Business Hazardous Waste Management Program work?
  1. Call the Sioux Falls Environment Center at 605-367-8276 to Determine Your Generator Status.  The Environmental staff will help you complete the Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator (CESQG) Verification Form. If you qualify for this program, the Environmental Division will refer you to the contractor’s representative.
  1. Complete Program Application Inventory Forms. Prior to your hazardous waste being accepted, a contractor representative will contact you to complete waste inventory forms, a service agreement, and a credit check.
  1. Scheduling a Shipment. Once the required forms have been completed, the contractor will schedule your business into one of their milk-run shipments. Contractor technicians will arrive at your facility, package the waste according to DOT requirements, and Manifest the shipment according to federal, state, and local requirements.                       
  1. Finalize Payment. Businesses and organizations participating in this program will be invoiced only for disposal fees. Fees are based on the quantities and types of waste.
What should my business do with fluorescent bulbs?
According to the Sioux Falls Environmental Center, if you only have fluorescent bulbs, you can recycle these lamps and ballasts through RecyclePak. RecyclePak offers a mail-back recycling kit for small quantities of lighting and electronic waste that has all costs associated in one, easy-to-use, prepaid box. Click here to visit RecyclePak for more information.

As an environmental leader for 50 years, Novak Sanitary Service encourages all organizations and businesses to isolate and properly dispose of hazardous wastes to prevent them from entering the Sioux Falls landfill and the sanitary sewer system. Any business with disposal questions may contact Novak by email or by calling 605-338-7162.