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Novak Sanitary receives Sioux Falls Local Best award

Novak Sanitary Service, a Sioux Falls leader in residential and commercial trash pickup, was voted the 2011 Local Best in their industry.

The awards are broken into different categories from restaurants, to entertainment and service industries in the Sioux Falls area. It serves as a badge of honor to any business who earns one, showing that they are a trusted leader in their industry.

“We’ve won the Local Best award before,” said Novak Vice President, Bob Novak. “It is truly an honor knowing that we have community support and it proves that our efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.”

As a leader in the Sioux Falls community’s green movement, Novak is committed to recycling by cutting down on paper waste. Leading by example, they have taken proactive measures by encouraging online payments which are convenient, secure and environmentally friendly.

In 2009, Novak started a partnership with RecycleBank, with the goal is of encouraging Sioux Falls residents to recycle. The program offers rewards for recycling collection, allowing residents to earn points redeemable for gift cards to local and national businesses, travel destinations and accommodations, electronics and more.

In addition to offering participant incentives, Novak’s single-stream recycling program helps reduce landfill waste, saves energy, and prevents overall pollution.

Another Novak mission is to decrease construction site waste while increasing efficiency and reducing costs. The Avera McKennan Cancer Institute, one of the largest building projects in Sioux Falls, was built under the motto, “Going Green from the Ground Up” and with the help of multiple local businesses, including Novak.