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Turn Your Kitchen Green

Great Tips for Eco-friendly Kitchens

At Novak Sanitary Service we strive to contribute to a healthy planet and sustainable living, and it all starts with you. You can do many things in your own home to lessen the impact you and your family have on the environment. Get inspired by our tips for green kitchens, and remember: Novak is here to help you with your Sioux Falls recycling needs!

Organic, Locally Grown Food Items

Visit roadside stands or local farmers’ markets and pick up the items you need while supporting the local economy. Not only will you minimize your carbon footprint, since the groceries won’t have travelled very far before they end up in your fridge or cabinet – you will also spare yourself of consuming many toxic pesticides.

Energy Efficient Kitchen Appliances
Your old, outdated kitchen appliances may still work fine, but they tend to be quite the energy thieves! By updating your appliances, you can save energy and come one step closer to having a green kitchen.

Dump the Disposables
Plastic bags, plastic containers, paper towels – you get the idea. Invest in glass jars and containers, and swap your paper towels and paper napkins out to cloth towels and cloth napkins. Choose dark colors to prevent stains to show (yes, no need to use bleach when doing laundry).

The Stove Matters
A gas stove will use energy more efficiently and tends to distribute the heat more thoroughly and cook the food faster. Self-cleaning ovens are the best since the insulation maintains oven temperature better than electric ovens.

Green Cleaning
Non-toxic, natural cleaning products are great alternatives to the hazardous substances most people keep in their cabinets. It is difficult to tell how safe store bought cleaning products are, since there are no federal laws or regulations that require the manufacturers to test the health safety of their products. The colors, bleach, and acids used in many of these products can irritate your skin and are harmful to inhale. Make your own eco-friendly cleaning product by adding a tablespoon of white vinegar to a quart of water in a spray bottle.

Recycling Station
Novak Sanitary offers a single stream recycling service that makes it easy for you and your family to recycle. Simply put all recyclable items in one single container – we will do the sorting for you! Make your recycling station easy accessible and put it next to your garbage bin for non-recyclables. Our Sioux Falls recycling service provides you with a single stream recycling bin – recycling have never been easier!

Take advantage of natural light as much as possible. Embrace the sunlight and ease up on your electric bill! However, we realize that fall is sneaking upon us and the days are going to get shorter, so a good tip is to invest in LED lighting for longer lasting bulbs and less energy usage.

Filter Your Water
Instead of wasting money and energy (both environmental and the energy it takes for you to carry them from the store) on bottled water – use a water filter. There is a problem with excessive plastic waste in the world and bottled water are a big part of that problem.

Save the planet and get rewarded! In an effort to provide customers state-of-the-art recycling services, we have partnered with RecycleBank – a recharged and reinvented way to recycle.
What makes this program so unique? The RecycleBank Program is a loyalty and rewards program that motivates households to recycle – this offered exclusively to our customers in the Sioux Falls and surrounding areas. Each household will earn RecycleBank Points for their recycling efforts.