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Recycled Lawn Decor

Recycled lawn décor has enjoyed steady growth recently thanks to websites where people can share great ideas to dress up the yard with unique and creative recycled items. Using recycled materials as yard art is not only fun to do, it’s environmentally friendly by reducing waste and consumption.

So with spring almost upon us, now is the time to start looking around the house and garage for those unique items that might just be your next lawn or garden centerpiece.

Still a classic piece of yard art comes in the form an old Schwinn bicycle. While it may be too rusty to ride or restore, a classic bicycle is never too old to be recycled into a decorative piece of lawn art leaning casually against a tree, flowers growing from a handlebar basket. A children’s wagon recycled into a planter can also become a centerpiece in a creative back yard area as can a chair with the seat removed to host a planter.

Defining pathways and garden areas can be done in many ways with recycled materials. Old doors can be cleverly painted or left shabby chic and frame a pathway to a secret garden or they can be used to create a unique arbor. An old screen door can become a trellis; used windows with wooden frames can become accent walls around a garden or hanging around a porch area.

The lawn décor you can create with recycled materials is nearly limitless and there is a wealth of recycled and salvaged materials available to help your ideas take shape.

 Here are some quick ideas for recycled material:

  • Tile and grout a unique design into a stepping path
  • Tile a bird bath and create the perfect accent piece for a flower garden
  • Salvaged wood siding and barn wood can be used to create a rustic looking fence or bench
  • An old headboard can become the back of a bench with a few tools and a little creativity
  • A rusty rake head can be transformed into a hanger or a makeshift trellis
  • Salvaged bricks can become pathways
  • Metal buckets can serve as mobile planters for sun loving flowers
  • Tires - millions of which are burned, dumped illegally or sent to the landfill each year - can become planters (for non-edible plants), swings, or lawn edging

There are thousands of creative and unique ways to use recycled materials as lawn and garden décor. While you start yard planning for the new season, many things have a second life and maybe the best ideas haven’t even been thought of yet.

 For more ways to recycle, repurpose and upcycle visit the News section of the Novak website.