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Recycle Glass into Mosaic Art | Sioux Falls Waste Company

Recycle Glass into Mosaic Art Do you feel the need for some fun and inexpensive crafts? You can definitely be environmentally friendly while you let your creative juices flow! 

Empty glass bottles and porcelain are excellent items for making your own mosaic art. Make a mosaic mural, a candle holder, or upcycle an old vase – only your imagination will hold you back from creating unique, beautiful decorative art pieces from recycled items. Our Sioux Falls waste company gives you some great tips on how to recycle glass into mosaic art:


It’s important to protect yourself from flying glass shards, so wearing protective eyewear and a long sleeve shirt or pants is recommended during the initial process. You will also need a plastic bag, tweezers, a pillow case, a hammer or a mallet, a large towel, and a base for what you would like to attach the mosaic to. The base could be anything from a piece of plywood to jars, vases, bottles, or glasses. You will also need ceramic, silicone, or glass glue, which can be found at your local crafts or hardware store. A small table or counter in an outside or open area will work great as workspace.

Get Started

Fold the towel over so it absorbs your hammering better, and put it on the table. Put the glass or porcelain in a plastic bag and then cover the bag with a pillow case. Hit the pillow case with the hammer several times until the glass is broken into appropriately-sized pieces. If you would like very asymmetrical pieces that differ a lot in size, you can take out some of the larger pieces before hammering some more. Glass mosaic cutters are great, but not necessary. Pour the shards into a container with a lid when you’re done and clean up your work area with a vacuum to make sure all micro shards are properly removed. Remember to be very careful since glass edges are very sharp!

Get Creative

Plan your décor by laying out the shards in the pattern you would like onto the workspace, and then pick them up using tweezers and dip them in the glue. Attach them onto the base item and hold it firmly into place for 5-10 seconds, so the glue will set properly. Start with the larger pieces and insert the smaller ones in between them for fillers. Finish by spraying a coat of polyurethane on the object to dull the edges and protect your design.

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