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Protect Your Identity Offline

Online identity theft has been big news lately with major retailers and websites getting hacked and customers’ personal information being stolen. With all these headlines it can be easy to forget that criminals still steal sensitive data from good, old-fashioned paper.

We all fill out forms, receive mail containing personal and financial information and keep documents, like old tax returns. Criminals can use these and other materials to steal identities by simply removing them from a person’s garbage.

The safest way to protect yourself when it is time to dispose of this type of paperwork is to shred it completely.

To help keep our residential customers safe, Novak offers safe and secure shredding for up to 5 banker boxes for free each year through our Dakota Data Shred division.

Novak’s Dakota Data Shred is a certified and trusted provider of shredding services for some of our area’s largest companies.

Click here to learn more about Novak Sanitary Service’s free residential shredding service.