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Privacy Protection with Secure Document Destruction

Company payroll data, financial statements, household credit card statements and personal receipts are all items which should never be casually tossed in a trash can. In fact, Novak Sanitary Service wants to remind consumers that such private items should always be shredded.

Novak Sanitary offers 100 percent confidential shredding services that are dependable, flexible and secure. Since 1995, the garbage collection company has provided secure document shredding services to both companies and private citizens concerned about exposing confidential information.

The trash disposal company offers its shredding service in a secured on-site facility in strict compliance with HIPAA regulations.

“Documents are destroyed quickly, whether it’s 10 pounds or 1,000 boxes,” said Bob Novak, president of the Sioux Falls waste collection company.

Novak Sanitary Service provides the following information about its shredding services:

•    Benefits
Cost effective: reduced capital and employment expenditures
Durability: shreds staples, clips, film and CDs
Safety: small machines can cause injury if they grab clothing or accessories
Security: sensitive company information – payroll, legal and employment issues, and correspondence – should not be exposed to most employees
Privacy protection: we are a NAID AAA Certified Member and will provide you with a record of compliance
Ease: our industrial shredders can handle large volumes and destroy your documents quickly
On-site shredding

•    How it works
Choose a container size: various sized secure containers available
Schedule a pick-up: we offer daily, weekly, monthly or annual collection
Collection: containers are loaded into a secured truck
Arrival: documents arrive at our secure facility
Secure shredding: documents are destroyed quickly, whether it is 10 lbs. or 1,000 boxes

•    Secured Facility Features
Key pad access security alarm system
Video monitored and recorded space
Confidential documents are shredded into a baler and transferred to a pulping mill

Novak Sanitary Service’s shredding services are free for all current residential customers. Contact them at 1-800-717-6761 for all your shredding needs.