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Paper Shredding | Identity Theft | Novak Sanitary

Do you shred any of your important documents? Paper shredding is very crucial today because of identity theft.

It is important to take action. You need to know how to protect yourself from having your identity stolen. Paper shredding is convenient and beneficial. You will feel a sense of security knowing your information is safe when you choose to shred your documents. Paper shredding also helps our environment. When recycled paper is shredded less trees are harvested for new paper.

Identity theft can happen to anyone. Be careful with your valuable documents. People can dig through your garbage and find bank statements etc. with your personal information. You need to be careful to protect your identity. Paper shredding is worry-free as well as helping the environment.

When you choose to use a paper shredder you lower your chances of identity theft. Paper shredding cuts your documents so others won’t be able to identify the information on the document. Paper shredders can cut a variety of items including credit cards. With paper shredding, your documents will be unrecoverable after they are shredded. Documents become small confetti like pieces, which can be disposed easier helping the environment.

Items you should shred to prevent yourself from identity theft are:                  

  •  Old tax returns- Tax returns older than three years old should be shredded. For tax returns that are less than three years old store in a safe place to prevent from identity theft.

  • Bank statements- Anything with your bank account should be shredded. Make sure to shred any bank statements that you receive in the mail to prevent from identity theft.
  • Credit cards- It is important to shred any cancelled credit cards or expired credit cards right away. Shredding them will prevent from others getting valuable information about you or opening up an account in your name.
  • Pay stubs- It is important to shred any pay stubs because it holds a lot of valuable information. If you do not shred your pay stubs, someone could get access to your bank account, health provider, or place of employment.

It is important to shred anything that you believe holds valuable information. At Novak Sanitary our shredding services are confidential, dependable, flexible and secure. Since 1995, we have provided secure document shredding services to both companies and private citizens concerned about exposing confidential information. We operate our shredding service in a secured on-site facility and are in strict compliance with HIPAA regulations.

Our paper shredding services pick up schedule include: daily, weekly, monthly, or annual collection. Containers are loaded into a secured truck then arrive at our secure facility to shred. Our secured facility features key pad access security alarm system, video monitoring, and reliability of confidential documents to be shredded. Documents are shredded into a baler and then transferred to a pulping mill.

For more information on shredding services visit our website at or call us at 1-800-717-6761