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Novak Sanitary Supports Lions Club Eyeglass Recycling

Recycling eyeglasses is easy and benefits those in need.

Novak Sanitary Service encourages customers in Sioux Falls and southeast South Dakota to recycle and offers a single stream recycling program to make recycling effective and convenient.

Now, Novak is reminding customers to recycle something that can be used again, yet too often winds up in the trash: prescription eyeglasses.

In Sioux Falls, any one of the Lewis Drug locations will accept used prescription eyeglasses for the Lions Club. Once collected from the Lewis Drug stores by the Lions Club, the glasses are sent to the SD Lions Foundation in Sioux Falls, processed, packaged, and shipped to their final destinations.

Drop off at Service Desk at Lewis Drug in Sioux Falls:

  • 1205 S. Grange Ave.
  • 1301 E. 10th
  • 500 W. 41st
  • 4409 E. 26th
  • 5500 W. 41st
  • 6110 S. Minnesota Ave.
  • 6109 S. Louise Ave.

The Lions Club has supported improving eye health since its founding 100 years ago. While eyeglass recycling is done at 18 centers worldwide, the Lions are also involved in projects to prevent blindness, restore eye sight and generally improve eye health for millions of people around the globe.

When a pair of eyeglasses are donated at one of the local collection sites, they’ll be picked up throughout the year by a member of the Lions Club and directed to one of the club’s eyeglass recycling centers. At that point they are cleaned, repaired if necessary, sorted by prescription and then distributed to low- and middle-income communities.

Novak Sanitary Service supports the work the Lions Club does to recycle eyewear and help meet the needs of people who may find eyewear cost prohibitive.

There are two ways to donate glasses to the Lions Club Eyeglass Recycling Program:

  • Drop the eyeglasses off at one of the Lewis Drug locations; or,
  • Send the glasses to this address:

Lions Clubs International Headquarters
Attention: Receiving Department
300 W. 22nd Street
Oak Brook, IL 60523, USA

Novak Sanitary Service is the premier waste management company of the greater Sioux Falls area and we’re proud to support a clean, healthy community and a sustainable future. Recycling is part of our core belief and recycling eyeglasses for those is need is a project worthy of support.