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Novak Residential Recycling Program Accepts Empty Aerosol Cans

Did you know you that the residential recycling program at Novak Sanitary Services will accept your empty aerosol cans? In fact, in Sioux Falls, it’s mandatory that aerosol cans be recycled to keep them from taking up space in our landfills.

Aerosol cans are a very convenient dispersion tool that help us with everything from painting and lubricating to insect repellent. By signing up for our Recyclebank program, you get free rewards and gifts by taking advantage of our residential recycling program.

Common uses for aerosol cans, include:

  • Spray Paint
  • Insect Repellent
  • Cooking Spray
  • Deodorants
  • Hairsprays
  • Wood/Window cleaners
  • Air Fresheners

Part of the reason aerosol cans remain so popular after fifty years is because they’re so efficient and effective.

Aerosol Cans:

  • Contain pre-mixed contents
  • Contents are delivered at the appropriate pre-measured flow
  • Because the valve mechanism is airtight, contents always stay fresh
  • Airtight mechanisms keep contents from becoming contaminated, leaking, or spilling
  • Plus, they are also tamper resistant and tamper-evident.

Aerosol cans are made from steel and aluminum, and most aerosol cans have a minimum of 25% recycled steel [Source:]. Because aerosol cans are made of steel and aluminum, they can be broken down and recycled over and over again without any loss to quality.

Recycling empty steel aerosol cans:

  • Diverts recyclable materials from landfills
  • Provides needed metal scrap to the steel and aluminum industries
  • Reduces taxpayer costs from the revenue from scrap sales.

There’s little additional expense and effort for residential recycling programs to accept aerosol cans because the infrastructure already exists for recycling steel and aluminum cans. Because aerosol cans are made of easily recyclable materials, and because those materials can be recycled again and again, recycling aerosol cans is a huge benefit to the environment.

However, there are some precautions that need to be made before you place your aerosol can into your residential recycling bin:

Make sure your can is completely empty.

Aerosol products can last a very long time, so make sure that your aerosol can is completely empty before you place it in the recycling bin. If your can isn’t empty, you can always donate the product to a friend, or neighbor or take it to the Sioux Falls Hazardous Waste Facility at 1015 E Chambers Street, in Sioux Falls.

Empty out the last bits of your aerosol can into the garbage.

Even though the aerosol can may feel light and empty, always check to be sure there’s no product left in the can.

Don’t compact your empty aerosol can.

We’re so used to compacting out aluminum and sometimes tin cans that we get into the habit of crushing our cans. Aerosol cans are different from other cans because they’re pressurized. Avoid throwing them in your curbside garbage or into trash fires because they could explode.

Recycle your empty aerosol cans.

Once your aerosol can is empty, simply place the can into your residential recycling bin and letting Novak Sanitary Services take care of the rest.

Novak Sanitary Services offers residential recycling to all current customers. Always make sure your aerosol can is completely empty before you place it in your Novak residential recycling bin. Click here to view a complete list of all the materials you can recycle through Novak’s residential recycling program.

Novak Sanitary Services is the leading waste management company in Sioux Falls and your local experts for all of your residential recycling needs. By joining our Recyclebank program, you’ll get rewards and gifts for recycling aerosol cans and all of your other common household recyclables.