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Novak Encourages Customers to Think Before You Toss

Giving back to the community can be as simple as thinking before you toss items in your curbside garbage container.

Novak Sanitary Service reminds its residential and commercial customers that too often, items useful to a worthwhile non-profit or charitable organization wind up in the landfill rather than being put to good use.

For instance, the Sioux Falls Area Humane Society (SFAHS) has been serving the area since 1919. An open admission shelter, meaning no animal is turned away, the SFAHS takes in thousands of animals each year and caring for those animals requires food, supplies, and equipment, you may be planning to put in your curbside garbage container or take the landfill during a spring or fall cleaning.

Many pet owners who have recently lost a pet, for instance, have leashes, food, and supplies which could benefit the SFAHS.

The SFAHS wish list includes a wide variety of Purina brand dog and cat food, pet toys and grooming supplies, collars and leashes, kennels, even office supplies like clipboards pens, notepads, paper, trash bags, and paper towels.

Sioux Falls Humane Society
3720 E Benson Rd
Sioux Falls, SD 57104

Phone:  605-338-4441

And while the SFAHS does not accept bed pillows, couch or decorative pillows, sheets, pillow cases or comforters, those items can be donated to The Bishop Dudley House, St. Francis, or other community outreach or mission to help others in need.

Novak Sanitary Service knows that waste is generated during cleaning, remodeling, and construction projects but reminds customers to think before they toss so useful items for a worthwhile non-profit or charitable mission don’t end up in the landfill.

As individuals who live, work and play in the areas we serve, Novak Sanitary Service and its employees are dedicated to helping Southeastern South Dakota residents reduce, reuse and recycle. Please check out the Resources section to help eliminate these items from our landfill.

From Lake and Lincoln County, to McCook, Minnehaha and Turner Counties, Novak Sanitary Service is well known as a reliable, affordable, energy-conscious and environmentally minded South Dakota trash & recycling company. Novak provides residential and commercial garbage collection services, commercial and residential South Dakota recycling programs and construction waste removal. Novak also provides highly secure paper shredding and document shredding services.