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Novak Employee Caregiver of the Year

Novak Sanitary Service employee Duff Rouillard has been honored with the Americans with Disabilities Act’s 2011 Caregiver of the Year award.  Rouillard, who was nominated for the award by Neil Graff, is a Sioux Falls trash collection driver with Novak Sanitary.

Along his route, Rouillard developed a relationship with a 17-year-old boy named Ben with special needs.  “Ben loved to help Duff with his collection duties at his own home as well as the other homes in his neighborhood,” explained Bob Novak, vice president of the Sioux Falls trash disposal and recycling company.

When Rouillard’s route schedule changed, he asked his supervisor for an exception to continue serving Ben’s neighborhood because of the special bond they’d formed.  The bond was so strong that Rouillard even brought his own family to Ben’s home to learn more about children with special needs.

“Duff has provided Ben with an example of a true humanitarian and a loving caregiver. He overlooked Ben’s disability and unconditionally accepted him as his collection helper on the block. Duff shows us how a bit of kindness and acceptance can make a positive impact on someone else’s life,” said Novak.