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Make Recycled Holiday Decorations

The holidays are sneaking upon us, and it is time to start decorating your home with lights, ornaments, and wreaths. Instead of spending money on store-bought items this year, you can make your own decorations from materials you have at home! Not only will recycled holiday decorations save you money, but it will also help you lessen the impact on our environment. 

These crafts projects are perfect for spending time with your family and for teaching your children the importance of recycling. Our Sioux Falls garbage company has some great holiday decoration tips for you:

Recycle Plastic
Use old, scratched CD discs as ornaments by gluing them together in pairs with the shiny sides out. Cut out star patterns in white pieces of paper and glue the papers to the CDs to make create the image of stars shining through. Decorate the paper by drawing Christmas designs with crayons, or glue on glitter and family pictures.

Recycle Cardboard
Cut the cardboard into holiday shapes and paint or embellish them with glitter, yarn, ribbons, or fabric scraps. Cardboard is excellent for making gingerbread men, stars, and candy canes! Another great idea is to make photo frame ornaments. Cut cardboard frames and let your decoration creativity flow before gluing them to copies of your favorite family pictures. Use a hole-puncher to create a hole for a ribbon hanger.

Recycle Paper
Turn your old Christmas cards into Christmas tree ornaments by cutting out snowmen, reindeer, Santas, or whatever you like. Leave a semicircle above the picture and use a hole-puncher to make a hole in it so you can thread a ribbon through it and tie it. Add an extra festive touch to your cutouts by brushing on glue and glitter, beads, or tinsel before hanging them from your tree.

Recycle Glass
Burnt out light bulbs make great Christmas ornaments. Paint directly on the bulb with acrylic craft paint, or get even more creative using recycled felt and cotton to make a snowman or a Santa Claus. Glue cotton balls on the bottom of the bulb to represent snow, and cover the top of the bulb with black or red felt to represent a hat. There are no limits for how creative you can get! The kids can personalize their ornaments by writing their names and painting the glass themselves. Beads, glitter, or tinsel will also look great on the bulbs! Just remember that adult supervision is a must when handling glass, as accidents can happen.

Recycle Styrofoam
Food trays, cups, and egg cartons made of Styrofoam are perfect materials for making snowmen and snowflakes. Use toothpicks or craft glue to hold the pieces together before you decorate them with yarn, scrap fabric, bottle caps, buttons, or glitter.

At Novak Sanitation, we are dedicated to a cleaner environment, and we are working hard to make recycling easier and more convenient for everyone in the Sioux Falls area – residents, businesses, and construction sites. We are committed to providing customers the best possible service and innovation; we strongly encourage participation in our recycling program. For more information, please contact us at 605-338-7126