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Go Green with Reusable Bags

Plastic bags made their appearance in the 1970s and have become so successful that today they are being used in about 80 percent of the grocery market. Hundreds of billions of plastic bags are used worldwide each year – it’s estimated that consumers in the United States alone go through about 100 billion bags.

But the success of the lightweight, strong, convenient bag has highlighted the product’s downside: there are a lot of them out there and they easily get stuck in trees, drains, and wind up in wildlife habitats threatening native species.

Reusable Shopping Bags

Novak Sanitary Service encourages customers to go green and use reusable bags for trips to the grocery store, hardware store and anywhere else a plastic bag is commonly used. Reusable bags are strong, convenient, and can be washed periodically to stay clean even after multiple uses. The best part – every time you use a reusable bag, one less plastic bag is introduced into a landfill, waterway, or the highest branches of a tree.

Consumers with plastic bags in the home can properly recycle them. Novak Sanitary Service accepts plastic bags in the single stream recycling ONLY when the plastic bags are bagged in a clear plastic bag and tied shut. Please recycle plastic bags properly – loose bags in single stream recycling cause sorting equipment jams which pose a safety hazard for employees sorting the recycling.

Several grocery stores also accept used plastic bags for recycling. Properly recycling the bags is encouraged as there are a wide variety of products made from recycled plastic. A plastic bag, of course, but maybe your lawn furniture or the playground equipment all came from recycled plastic.

Novak Sanitary Service is the premier waste management company of greater Sioux Falls and over the years has made recycling a priority by partnering with customers to recycle a significant portion of the waste stream. Together we can keep plastic bags out of the waste stream and go green with the simple, convenient reusable bag.