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Recycling Takeout Containers

It’s not easy being green. Everyday circumstances enlighten us into new challenges of how to remain eco-friendly in today’s quick to evolve and instant culture. Takeout food is no different.

We desire the convenience, efficiency, and quite honestly, the taste of the dish inside that clever little box. If you get stuck with these “doggie bags”, there are clever ways you can upcycle them into beneficial, everyday useable items.

Recycle takeout containers using these fun and thrifty ideas:


Plastic, paper, and Styrofoam containers make beneficial planters. Simply poke holes in the bottom for water drainage before planting.

Scoops and Buckets

Use plastic, round containers as a beneficial scoop. You can use this especially when portioning pet food. Pack it in your beach bags and use it as a base building supply for sandcastles. Or use them as a rinse bucket when shampooing your babies hair. Poke holes on both sides and slide a string through them, tie around your neck and use as berry picking buckets.

Seed Starting Tray

Seeds starting trays can be expensive, especially when you need several to start up your garden and flower beds. Stryrofoam takeout containers make wonderful seed starting trays.

Recycling takeout containers and using them as seed starters is a convenient way to get the garden off to a good start.

Paint Trays

If you need to save your paint over night, there’s no better option than plastic, sealable takeout containers.


Desks become easily cluttered with random objects. Save the takeout container you have from an office lunch and divide essential items from the random items floating in your drawers with clean takeout containers
Package Material

There is no need to purchase packaging material. Items sitting around your home, including old takeout boxes and newspaper, suffice for packaging material. Any fragile object that will be shipped can be tightly wrapped in newspaper and placed securely in a takeout container.


Great for storing beads, paints, costume jewelry, or sewing supplies. A clean takeout box makes great storage for crafty folks. Perfect for storing children’s crayons, chalk, markers and stickers as well. Paint and decorate containers and reuse as fun piggy bank containers to keep in the kids room.

Storing crafts is simple when using clean takeout containers.  Label the containers and tuck away until next use.

Food Storage

Plastic takeout containers make wonderful Tupperware containers. Collect them and whenever you have a dinner party, send guests home with leftovers in a fancy take out box.

Real Doggie Bags

Going on a day trip with your pup? Your furry friend might get hungry. Fill a takeout container with some dog food and hit the road. Your dog will thank you later.


Going on a camping trip or a weekend road trip? Save leftover to-go condiment packets, napkins and
silverware and pack them with some lunch and hit the road.

Coffee Grounds

Hold coffee grounds separately from compost for a slug deterrent in the garden

Being environmentally conscious isn’t always easy. It takes creativity, time and desire to continue and maintain a green movement. However, living green and being more eco-friendly can be simple and even cost efficient with a few basic steps.

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