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Educate Your Kids about Recycling

The average American generates a whopping 4.5 lbs of trash every day! Only about 30% of recyclable items are actually recycled, so it is important to teach our kids how to take care of the world we live in and how to leave positive footprints on it.

Novak Sanitary offers residential, commercial, and construction recycling in Sioux Falls. Here are some ways you can educate your kids about recycling and make recycling a fun activity for the entire family:


Scout your local library for children’s books about recycling and the environment. It will be easier for them, especially if they are younger, to understand the concept of recycling and why it is important if they can look at pictures and follow a storyline. Reading to your child is a great bedtime routine!


The kids will love following the composting process and watching the worms work their magic by turning food scraps and other biodegradable items into dirt. Ask them what they think would happen if they would put a plastic bottle in the compost, and then explain the similarities between your compost and the degradable processes in nature.


Show your kids what items in your home that can be recycled or composted. You could make a game out of it and ask them to show you an item that would go in the recycling bin. Also point out non-recyclable things and tell the kids how to safely dispose of them. Supervise young children when handling and placing glass or containers with sharp edges in the recycle bin so they don’t injure themselves. Novak Sanitary offers a single-stream recycling service, which means that all your recyclables can be conveniently placed in one recycle bin! Make recycling more fun for your kids by setting up an award system every time they put items in the recycle bin. For example, put stickers on a chart and when they have collected 10 stickers they will get a small reward. Good rewards could be a plant for their room or a trip to the lake etc.

Kids do what we do and not what we say. Be a good role model for your children and participate in recycling drives and clean-ups put on in your area or at school. Encourage your older kids to volunteer with you and spend some quality time together while you are making the world a greener place!

Make fun craft projects with your child out of cardboard boxes, scraps of fabric, glass bottles, milk jugs, newspapers etc. This is a great way to educate your kids about recycling and your imagination is your only limit! Follow Novak Sanitary on Pinterest and get inspired by our “Kids Crafts” board.

Save the planet and get rewarded! In an effort to provide customers state-of-the-art recycling services, we have partnered with RecycleBank – a recharged and reinvented way to recycle.

What makes this program so unique? The RecycleBank Program is a loyalty and rewards program that motivates households to recycle – this offered exclusively to our customers in the Sioux Falls and surrounding areas. Each household will earn RecycleBank Points for their recycling efforts.