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Customers Benefit from Optimized Routing

Route optimization software is helping Novak Sanitary Service improve the efficiency of their waste collection services and continue to be an environmentally responsible, full-service waste collection provider in the greater Sioux Falls area.

Environmentally Sound Waste Collection Services Enhanced with Route Optimization Software

For more than a decade, Novak has been using the premier waste collection industry route optimization software to improve local waste collection routes, benefitting the business, customers, and the environment.

Novak’s route optimization software is a web based application that not only efficiently organizes routes and track vehicles, but decreases noise in neighborhoods, increases safety, and increases customers satisfaction.

Route optimization software allows Novak to:

  • Improve timeliness of collection services through more efficient routes and better time management;
  • Reduce fuel consumption;
  • Use resources wisely to remain an environmentally responsible, growing company.

The waste collection industry is faced with several challenges: drivers are on tight schedules and must navigate busy streets; there are residential and commercial customers with unique needs; and, collection vehicles must properly compact and dispose of waste. By utilizing route optimization software, Novak has taken an important step to addressing and solving these challenges.

For over 10 years, Novak Sanitary Service has utilized route optimization software, gathered data, and evaluated the information to provide the best, environmentally sound service possible to its customers.

Novak Sanitary Service is committed to operating as an environmentally sound, sustainable company. In addition to route optimization, Novak manages a robust recycling program which reduces the waste stream and saves energy. Novak also recycled a majority of the construction waste from the Denny Sanford Premier Center and, in 2017, saved 468,750 gallons of gas through recycling 6.25 million pounds of securely shredded documents.

From Lake and Lincoln County, to McCook, Minnehaha and Turner Counties, Novak Sanitary Service is well-known as a reliable, affordable, energy-conscious and environmentally minded South Dakota Trash & Recycling company. Novak provides residential and commercial garbage collection services, as well as commercial and residential South Dakota recycling programs and construction waste removal. Novak also provides highly secure paper shredding and document shredding services.