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5 Ways to Waste Less in 2015

A new year means new goals and renewed inspiration to live a healthier, less spendy, or more thankful lifestyle. At Novak Sanitary, we’re aiming to waste less and we’d like to challenge you to do the same. Give it a shot with these 5 ways to waste less in 2015:

1.  Compost

Get ready for the latest recycling trend. Composting is booming in the U.S. right now and not solely because it’s the “cool thing to do.” The agricultural community grows increasingly concerned about the quality of soil. Drought-like conditions over the last few years are creating an agricultural crisis, not unlike the 1930s dust bowl. But experts think they might have a solution: mass composting.

Major metropolitan areas across the U.S. are experimenting with the concept of compost recycling, a program designed to collect compost materials curbside. The collections are compiled and mass composted for a nutrient-rich product that can be sold to farmers to enhance their soil and crop output.

While this program is not yet available in Sioux Falls, you can reduce your waste production and start good habits by separating compostable materials from garbage. If you aren’t big into gardening or you don’t have a lawn of your own, check out resources for local community gardens or agricultural companies who might be able to put your compost to good use.

 2.  Conscientious Consumption

Products are packaged in an array of ways from the ultra eco-friendly to the isn’t-this-just-adorable. Before you pick up that time saving squeeze bottle of jelly, consider swapping for a glass jar of jelly. Jars are longer lasting and can be repurposed for a wider variety of projects or uses. If you’re looking to reuse a squeeze bottle, look to one of the items you regularly consume that doesn’t offer alternative packaging.

Another thing to evaluate is the amount of packaging. Better packaging material doesn’t always mean less wasteful. For example, cereal in boxes seems like a great idea insofar as cardboard is easier to repurpose than plastic bags. But when you consider the cardboard of the box in addition to the plastic bag inside, boxed cereals result in more waste.

3.  Don’t Let It Go Down the Drain

Limit the amount of water you waste with one simple trick. We’ve all been told to turn the water off when brushing your teeth and wash dishes by hand in a sink filled with water, but what about when you’re waiting for the water to warm up? It’s impossible to get hot water the second you turn on the shower or faucet, so how do you prevent wasting the water pouring out in the mean time? 

It’s easy. Keep a bucket next to your sink or shower and let the water pour directly into the bucket until it warms up. Use the water you collect in the bucket to water your houseplants or put it in a pitcher in the fridge for cold water on the spot. This will reduce the amount of water escaping down the drain each month, and it might even save you a little money in the long run!

4.   Recycle

This is nothing new. Public information and education has increased recycling efforts significantly over the past few decades. It’s astonishing. But it’s an ongoing effort and we still have a lot of growth ahead of us. Learn more about recycling efforts in Sioux Falls and how to make recycling part of your everyday routine. Contact Novak Sanitary today.

5.  Reusable Over Disposable

Find reusable alternatives to the disposable products you use every day. Replace paper napkins with cloth. Swap paper towels for dish towels. Forget about the plastic wrap and reach for the Tupperware or even better yet, reuse a jar.

Living less wastefully is like any other lifestyle change. It takes time, patience, and diligence. But if you’re persistent in your efforts and habit formation, reducing your waste output will not only save you money, it will help preserve the world around you.

To learn more about waste and recycling services in southeast South Dakota, contact the experts at Novak Sanitary today or call 605- 338-7126.