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Things are always changing and improving so we frequently publish useful articles in this section. Here you can learn more about what you can do to help support Novak Sanitary Services in our unending mission to keep the greater Sioux Falls region clean and pristine.

And, don't forget, if you have a suggestion, please contact us.

Remove the Drug Temptation

Novak Sanitary is dedicated to safety and encourages everyone to clean out unused prescription drugs from their medicine cabinets. 

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Accident-Free Driver Lands Big Reward

Sandon Little thought he was just going to another staff meeting. Little did he know, he was an item on the agenda.  “He’s an exceptional performer,” general manager Bob Novak said. “I don’t think he’s ever missed a day of work. His customers love him. He does a great job. He’s drama-free. You wish you had 10 more of him.”

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Garbage Route Forms Unbreakable Bond

Duff Rouillard was driving his Novak Sanitary Service garbage truck around a Sioux Falls cul-de-sac one morning when it happened. A boy came running toward his truck, and several lives changed forever.

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Customers Benefit from Optimized Routing

Route optimization software is helping Novak Sanitary Service improve the efficiency of their waste collection services and continue to be an environmentally responsible, full-service waste collection provider in the greater Sioux Falls area.

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Novak Sanitary Cares

Thanks to our loyal customers and dedicated employees, Novak Sanitary is able to help support small and large fundraising events throughout the year.

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