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Things are always changing and improving so we frequently publish useful articles in this section. Here you can learn more about what you can do to help support Novak Sanitary Services in our unending mission to keep the greater Sioux Falls region clean and pristine.

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Rid your yard of waste this fall

The fall season is in full swing and Novak Sanitary Service has a few reminders and tips for cleaning up your yard by disposing of natural waste. 

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Privacy Protection with Secure Document Destruction

Company payroll data, financial statements, household credit card statements and personal receipts are all items which should never be casually tossed in a trash can. In fact, Novak Sanitary Service wants to remind consumers that such private items should always be shredded.

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Recycling movement hits record high

The green movement shows no signs of slowing down. Paper and cardboard recycling in the United States reached a record high in 2009, according to the American Forest and Paper Association.

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