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Things are always changing and improving so we frequently publish useful articles in this section. Here you can learn more about what you can do to help support Novak Sanitary Services in our unending mission to keep the greater Sioux Falls region clean and pristine.

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Going Green: Green Cleaning Recipes

Going green in your home is easy with help from your Sioux Falls waste company, Novak Sanitary Services. Novak Sanitary Services strives to promote not only the best in waste management, but in recycling, upcycling, and education on ways for going green, like green cleaning recipes.  Follow these easy to do green cleaning recipes and your house will not only be spick and span, but you will be environmentally conscious, helping not only your family but future families to come.  By understanding ways to make going green simple, you can convert your lifestyle into one where you positively affect the environment. 

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Arrange an Environment Friendly Wedding

The Best Ecological Wedding Tips

Did you know that the average wedding produces 400 lbs of garbage and a whopping 63 tons of CO2? The benefits of an ecological wedding are many. Not only does an environment friendly wedding help reduce impact on the environment, but it also reduces the impact on your wallet. Buying vintage items and opting for locally made products will drastically reduce the cost of a wedding and lessen the impact on the environment.

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Turn Your Kitchen Green

Great Tips for Eco-friendly Kitchens

At Novak Sanitary Service we strive to contribute to a healthy planet and sustainable living, and it all starts with you. You can do many things in your own home to lessen the impact you and your family have on the environment. Get inspired by our tips for green kitchens, and remember: Novak is here to help you with your Sioux Falls recycling needs!

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Green Cleaning with Homemade Cleaning Supplies

Traditional household cleaning supplies are effective in removing dirt, microscopic organisms and germs. However, these same cleaners we think are helping us are contributing to health issues, added waste in our landfills, and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC’s). Everyday household items can be used to effectively clean your home without the need to purchase expensive and toxic cleaning supplies.

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Novak Sanitary Service: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Reduce, reuse and recycle is a common saying we all recognize. It’s important for recycling to become an everyday occurrence. Recycling saves resources and energy overall, but remembering to reduce and reuse is equally important as your recycling projects.

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Stay Green this Halloween

Like many of our holidays, Halloween can be a costly and wasteful occasion. Don’t let the commercialism take all the eco-friendly opportunities out of it! Here are some tips to make sure you don’t scare Mother Nature this October.

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