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Winter Service Reminders

Winter will soon be upon us.  With customers and Novak working together, employees will be able to access and empty your garbage and recycling carts in a safe and timely manner on your collection day.

Tips to ensure you get the best possible service during winter weather.

  1. When shoveling your drive, clear a path 36" (3 feet) wide between your garbage and recycling carts to the alley or street, and check that the carts move freely.  
  2. Make sure your garbage and recycling carts are shoveled out the night before your collection day and they are not blocked in by any parked vehicles. Your garbage pickup could be any time from 6:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. on your collection day. You may notice that your garbage or recycling is picked about the same time every week. However, weather conditions, crew assignments, and equipment problems can change your pickup to be earlier or later in the day. If you have a snow removal service, ask them to clear a place for your carts. Most companies will do this at no extra charge.
  3. A heavy snowfall within 48 hours of your garbage collection day can make it impossible to shovel out in time.  We understand, but please make sure your cart is shoveled out by the following collection day.
  4. Please check that your carts are not trapped in a snow bank or stuck by your house. If your garbage and recycling carts are stuck in snow and ice on your collection day, and it has not snowed or stormed within 48 hours we will not be able to provide service. We will have to schedule service for a later date that may incur a return trip fee.

Frozen Garbage

Always bag your garbage before placing it in the cart.  Un-bagged garbage can freeze in the cart making it difficult to empty.  Bagging the garbage will keep your cart smelling cleaner and help us do our jobs more efficiently. Bagging your garbage also prevents loose debris from blowing around your neighborhood. While the material is being dumped from your cart into the back hopper area of the truck we can do very little to prevent the wind from doing its worst.

If You Have Curb Pickup        

If your garbage and recycling is picked up at the curb, please do not block sidewalks with garbage and recycling carts.  A clear path between the carts and the street must be available on collection day, and not placed on top of a snow bank.  Make sure your carts are within two feet from the curb and five feet away from a solid structure like a mailbox. Also on recycle day place the garbage and recycle cart two feet apart from each other. This will allow the driver to use their truck to empty, rather than exit the cab of the truck to adjust the carts.

Keep Lids Closed

Make sure lids are closed on your carts.  Melting snow and rain can easily fill a cart and make them overweight. 

Image of 95-gallon garbage cart.

If you are unable to shovel the path around your carts, you will need to hire someone to shovel for you.  Check the local yellow pages under "Snow Removal Services", or some community organizations can shovel out garbage carts for a fee.

Working together we can have a safe winter.

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