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Useful Tools for Residential Customers

Novak Sanitary Service recently launched two new tools to make things easier for their residential customers.

  1. My Schedule
  2. Waste Wizard

Both new tools are found on the new Schedule page. 

My Schedule

Novak Sanitary residential customers can enter their address and immediately view their collection schedule for the current month.  And, with this tool they can check ahead to see if an upcoming holiday will change their pickup day.

 Residential Collection Schedule.

Residents may also click on:

  • Get A Reminder
  • Get A Calendar
    • Import into another program
    • PRINT off a one page 12 month calendar
    • Download a one page 12 month calendar

Waste Wizard

For safety and legal reasons, not all materials are allowed in Novak Sanitary curbside containers.  If you are not 100% sure if an item is acceptable, please enter the item’s name in Waste Wizard and click SEARCH to see where it goes.

  • Novak trash cart
  • Novak recycling cart
  • Novak yard waste
  • Not allowed in any

 Novak Waste Lookup Tool.

To keep us all safe and to preserve the value of recyclables, please only place approved items in your residential containers.

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