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Mother's Day: Upcycling Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is a holiday that many people look forward to and love to celebrate with family members. Mother’s Day is a day to show appreciation to the mothers in your life and give thanks for all that they do for you. 

Mother’s Day will strike the 100th anniversary of being celebrated in the United States but actually has a long world-wide history which stretches all the way back Ancient Rome and Greece, where people celebrated their different Mother Goddesses. Then in England during the 1600s people celebrated a holiday called Mothering Day. Mothering Day celebrated mothers and children gave small gifts like cakes to their mothers.

It wasn’t until the early 1900s when Mother’s Day found a place on American calendars and became an official holiday.  After the death of her mother, Anna Jarvis, became an advocate for a holiday specifically to celebrate and thank mothers everywhere for all they do.  In 1908 the first American Mother’s Day celebration occurred at a local church where Anna’s mother had her funeral services.  Anna wanted to celebrate the life of her mother and the duties all mothers perform.  The holiday caught fire and soon was celebrated in a variety of countries such as China, Japan, Mexico, Canada, and countries throughout South America.  It was from the popularity that President Wilson made Mother’s Day an official holiday on the 2nd Sunday of May.   Since it has been a popular holiday celebrated throughout the world.

What are you doing this Mother’s Day to show your mother your gratitude? Why not give a gift that you created? Even better, why not give a gift that you have upcycled? Upcycling is when you use something you would normally trash, to make something else. There are many different upcycling gift ideas that would be perfect for Mother’s Day. Take a look at some of these top upcycling gift ideas.

Upcycling Gift Idea #1 – Herb Garden

Does your mother love to garden but is running out of space? This upcycling gift idea is the perfect addition to any garden and is very easy to craft.

What You’ll Need

Soup cans (cleaned and labels/glue removed)
Acrylic paint
Paint brush

What To Do

  1. Drill 2 holes on the bottom of the soup cans for drainage.
  2. Drill 1 hole just under the rim of the can so you can string the twine through it.
  3. Paint your cans how you want to and decorate in any style for your Mother.
  4. Now plant your herbs!
  5. You can either have your cans sitting or if you’d like tie them with the twine so they can be a hanging herb garden.

Upcycling Gift Idea #2- Wine Bottle Vase

This upcycling gift idea is easy and fun for children of all ages!

What You’ll Need

Empty Wine Bottle

White Spray Paint

Colored Acrylic Paint

What To Do

  1. Clean out wine bottles
  2. Spray paint bottles white
  3. Use your children’s hands and dip in colored paint. Allow them to place hand prints all over bottle.

Upcycling Gift Idea #3- Penny Vase

Have an old vase that no one likes? Don’t trash it! Instead use it for this upcycling gift idea on Mother’s Day!

What You’ll Need

Old Vase

Hot Glue Gun


What To Do

  1. Clean vase and pat dry
  2. Decide your design for the pennies
  3. Glue pennies on in design or all over vase

These upcycling gift ideas are great presents for any Mother’s Day! Most of these upcycling gift ideas are not only easy but can be done with items you may already have in your home! What mother would not appreciate a gift made from the heart?

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