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U is for Upcycling

Recycling has been around for decades now, but recently a new kind of recycling has gain popularity. Upcycling, or the process of adding value to “junk” you would normally throw away or recycle by turning it into something useful for your house, wardrobe, or work.

Not only does upcycling contribute to a spreading eco-conscious mentality, it pleases the inner do-it-yourselfer in all of us.  So what are you waiting for? Start now in creating your own collection of upcycled treasures!

Mason Jars

Have you been looking through the house and realizing how many mason jars are just sitting around collecting dust? Knock. Knock.  Who’s there? Opportunity! Mason jar projects are HUGELY popular right now.  Clean them up, remove labels, and repurpose these jars for drinking glasses, candle holders, or storage for art supplies. With the rise of Pinterest and DIY blogs, upcycling ideas for mason jars are plentiful.  There are so many great ideas that once you start looking for your next project, you’ll wish you had more mason jars!


Don’t know what to do with all your old clothes?  Realizing you may have outgrown a few of your favorite tops?  Try making them look brand new again. Upcycle old clothing with crazy patterns and fun colors into a new accent scarf.  Repurpose an oversized t-shirt into a new dress.  And if you’re feeling especially crafty, take clothing you’ve lost interest in and look for ways to transform it into a new style or design.  Not only is fashion upcycling a fun way to customize your closet, it’s a great way to repurpose your hard earned dollars into a dream vacation or new car!


You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the endless possibilities for upcycling outdated or old furniture. Don’t love the color?  Try some new paint and wall paper to transform an old dresser into a trendy statement piece.  Broken drawers?  Try replacing them with an old suitcase or those random baskets hanging out in the closet.  Seriously though, the possibilities are endless.

Don’t just recycle, upcycle.  Repurpose your “junk” into your favorite scarf, artwork, or bookshelf and make the world a nicer place to be!


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