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Sustainable Landscaping

As the leading Sioux Falls garbage service company, we understand the importance of the green movement. Summer is quickly approaching, leaving those with a green thumb ready for lawn improvements and renovations.

This summer, consider sustainable landscaping as an alternative to your traditional methods.

More people these days are trending towards the green movement. However, the green movement is more than a fad; it is a lifestyle utilizing sustainable landscaping techniques that benefit the environment as well as your lifestyle. With climate changes and resources depleting, green alternatives are becoming more of an obligation to ensure a healthy environment.

With summer quickly approaching, rather than trending towards your usual yard maintenance, incorporate some sustainable landscaping options as an eco-friendly alternative.

Collect Rainwater.

Rainwater is free and natural. A one inch rainfall on a 1,000 square foot home collects up to 600 gallons of water. Simply place cisterns accordingly and collect enough water for an entire growing season.

Native Plants.

Native plants require less water and once matured, little to no use of harmful pesticides or herbicides since they are natural inhabitants.


To preserve moisture, cool plant roots, and deter weed growth, try using mulch as a sustainable landscaping option. Mulch generally consists of coconut fibers, shredded papers and other natural materials. When it decomposes, it enriches the soil.

Garden Lights.

To save energy and conserve your budget, equip garden lighting with motion detectors and solar powered sources.

Lawn Mowers.

Gas lawn mowers contribute to air pollution and our nation’s demand of foreign oil. Consider using a push or electric mower. If you have a property without covenants, consider using sheep or even an alternative lawn such as a meadow or edible gardens.

Edible Gardens.

The availability of fresh vegetables and herbs due to the fruits of your own labor is satisfying. Not only will your body thank you, but the environment will as well. Since the food is grown on your own land, little to no transportation is used to get the food from your garden to the plate on your table.

Gardens also add an aesthetic ambiance to a lawn, welcoming relaxation and gratitude.  Edible gardens are a healthy, sustainable gardening alternative.

Gas Blowers.

 Get your heart rate up a bit and rake or broom the lawn. Not only will you get a little exercise, you will leave mulch behind as a healthy lawn nutrient.

Shade Trees.

Thinking of planting some trees this season? If you live in an area with extended summers and warmer seasons, consider strategically placing the trees where sun directly hits your home. This will help reduce stress on your cooling system and keep your bills lower at the same time.

Live in a colder region of the country? Keep tree planted away from these areas to allow natural sunlight into your home to increase warmth and reduce heating bills.

Sustainable landscaping embraces design as well as functional, cost efficient and visually pleasing alternatives. Applying these environmentally friendly solutions are eco-friendly substitutes that will benefit the environment, your health and even your pocketbook.