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Rid your yard of waste this fall

The fall season is in full swing and Novak Sanitary Service has a few reminders and tips for cleaning up your yard by disposing of natural waste. 

Before we offer any tips lets briefly review Novak’s yard waste pick-up policies.

Our yard waste collection service is separate from the regular trash services. However, items like sticks, pine needles and sod are included in the regular trash removal service.

Yard waste removal includes items like leaves and grass clippings. This service is available from April 1 to November 30 for an additional fee.

Once the service is setup, we will deliver a 96-gallon cart to your home to be used specifically for yard waste. Grass clippings and leaves should be bagged and secured tightly before they are placed in this cart.

The yard waste items that we mentioned earlier (sticks, pine needles and sod) can be placed in either your regular trash cart or the yard waste cart.

We offer regular weekly pick-up of yard waste or upon request. The on-call service requires that you mark bags as “yard waste” with a special tag that is available through the mail, at our office or by phone. We request that you have a minimum of two bags per appointment. Items will be picked up the same day as trash collection if the order is placed before 12 p.m.

Disposing of yard waste appropriately makes for a cleaner neighborhood and helps ensure that your yard will be primed for the following growing season.

To make sure your yard is ready and that your waste is disposed of correctly, follow the tips below.

Consider using city pick-up programs like Novak’s. This will ensure proper dumping of your yard waste with minimal affect on the neighborhood landscape. It is also a good idea to composite some yard waste to use the follow spring.

We encourage that you do not dump yard waste on public or private property. Besides being illegal, it is also unsightly and could potentially damage the landscape. Large piles of waste don’t readily decompose meaning they could be around months later.

Also, avoid raking, blowing or dumping leaves into the street. This could cause blockage of the storm drains.

If you have questions about setting up yard waste services with Novak, please call (605) 388-7126 or visit to make arrangements for yard waste collection.