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Perks of Being a Garbage Guy

When we think dirty jobs – we think garbage man. Tossing cans of smelly trash and riding around town in its wafting aroma. But the times they are a-changing! Be gone with garbage man stereotypes, we’re here to tell you exactly what it’s like to be a Novak garbage guy!

It used to be, you would see the garbage truck roll by on trash day, toting a man in back like a spare tire, ready to spring into action at each can lining the street. Today things are done differently. "We just haul it. We pull the cart up to the truck; we dump it. We don't play in it; we don't get it all over us.

Our mechanics get 10 times dirtier than our garbage truck drivers," said owner Bob Novak. You may still be thinking, yeah… but I’m still not envious of the garbage guy! You might be after learning this – an average garbage man at Novak Sanity starts out making more than $40k in their first year. They receive a sign on bonus of $5k and benefits are insanely on the money.

Not only are employees eligible to participate in the 401k plan after 60 days of employment, Waste Connections, Inc, Novak’s parent company, makes a 50% matched contribution up to the first 6% of pay an employee contributes. Additionally, the garbage man gets full medical – prescription drugs, dental, vision, the works! As if that weren’t enough, slap on life insurance/accidental death and dismemberment and long-term disability. The benefits are insane!

"Steady paycheck. You're pretty much on your own all day. Work as fast as you can and get done when you can and clock out and go home," said Alex Schwartz, a garbage hauler. What more could you ask for? "People are friendly. Good place to work. If I had the chance to do it again, I would," Schwartz said.

Trash never looked so good! If you’re reconsidering your employment decisions… consider becoming a garbage man!

As a rapidly growing company, Waste Connections, Inc. has many opportunities for qualified and motivated individuals who want to be part of a dynamic organization. We provide competitive benefits and lots of room for individual growth as the company expands.

Because we operate with a highly decentralized structure, we look for individuals who are energetic and have individual initiative and creativity. Join us and be part of a winning team!