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Keep A Lid On It

By bagging all trash and keeping the lid down on the trash container, you can keep your yard and your neighborhood clean.

Bag It

Please place all trash and garbage in a bag prior to placing into a trash container.  Bagged garbage:

  1. Reduces odors that invite insects, birds and animals
  2. Reduces littering
  3. Keeps trash containers cleaner
  4. Minimizes waste service provider’s exposure to injury.

 Keep a Lid on It

Here are six reasons why it is important to keep the lid down on the trash container.

  1. Closed lids keep out rain and snow.

Snow and rain add unnecessary weight in trash hauling trucks, which reduces fuel efficiency and increases waste disposal costs.

  1. Closed lids maximize available space.

Rain and snow can freeze garbage in the bottom of the container.

  1. Closed lids keep the wind out.

Open containers allow the wind to blow trash in yards and streets.

  1. Closed lids keep birds out.

Open containers invite birds to eat garbage and contribute to littering.

  1. Closed lids keep animals out.

Open containers invite animals to eat garbage and contribute to littering.

  1. Closed lids keep flies out.

Maggot infestations occur when a fly gets into a certain area and lays eggs.  Because the smell of rotting food, particularly rotting meat, attracts flies, maggot infestations often occur in trash cans.

Remember, exposed wet items freeze to your container in these cold winter temperatures. Un-bagged garbage can freeze in the containers making it difficult for our drivers to safely empty your frozen dumpster.  Un-bagged trash can also lead to waste being left behind after pick-up.