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Document Shredding Helps Protect Your Identity Year Round

Tax season is a good reminder of the importance of managing documents with sensitive financial and personal information. But protecting personal information from would-be identity thieves should be a year-round activity.

Dakota Data Shred (DDS), a division of Novak Sanitary Service, reminds customers in its four-state service area to be aware of the sensitive nature of personal information on several documents that might be going straight into the regular trash.

For instance, bulk mail and paperwork may include account numbers, birth dates, and passwords. Even a bank card application you did not request can have personal information you wouldn’t want to share and too often those documents are put right in the trash. Bank statements, ATM receipts, applications, utility bills – all of these have personal information and should be destroyed, not trashed.

Simply put, to protect your privacy, any items that contain your name, address, phone number, or e-mail address should be destroyed, not tossed.

Since 1995, DDS has destroyed paper and printed media, microfiche and film, computer hard drives, electronic storage devices, CD-ROMs, magnetic media, as well as USB storage devices, PDAs and cell phones.

To assist our customers with their privacy concerns, Novak Sanitary residential customers can bring five banker size boxes of documents to the Novak Sanitary office annually for free shredding. The same shredding service is offered to non-customers for $7 per box.

Commercial shredding services are also available with a variety of pickup options and schedules.

Protect your identity, help your planet

Shredded documents and files don’t find themselves filling up the landfills, either.

In 2018, Novak recovered 5.75 million pounds of shredded documents to be recycled into tissue paper and paper towels. According to the EPA, for every ton of paper recycled it can save the energy equivalent of 165 gallons of gasoline.

 5.75 million pounds = Saving equivalent of 474,540 gallons of gasoline.

Remember, shredding documents and protecting your personal information is more than a seasonal activity. Learn more about the service provided by Dakota Data Shred so you can protect your identity by safely and effectively destroying documents and devices that contain your sensitive information.

Call Dakota Data Shred at 605-373-9281 from 7:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday or contact via email.

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