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Construction recycling picks up steam as contractors focus on green building

Contractors across the country are investigating ways to build greener, with hopes of improving long-term sustainable operations.  Many builders are turning to construction recycling, and the practice is catching on in South Dakota.

Novak Sanitary currently offers construction and demolition waste recycling services for local builders. Over the past few years, Divisional Vice President Bob Novak has seen demand for the service soar.

“Several construction companies in the area jumped on board to start recycling their project waste, and now it’s becoming much more common,” Novak said. “Contractors were sending hundreds of tons of recyclable wood, steel, and other materials straight to the landfill, and now we are helping to divert those materials and find ways to reuse them.”

Novak said more local construction companies are pursuing Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for projects, which requires that a certain percentage of project waste materials be recycled. The emphasis on green building has helped the Sioux Falls recycling company, and Novak expects the demand to continue growing.

“Recycling is the responsible thing to do, both financially and for our local environment,” Novak said. “For example, 80 percent of the construction waste from the Cherapa Place Project was recycled, keeping 213 tons of wood, 158 tons of steel, and 32 tons of plastic, tin, and aluminum out of the Sioux Falls landfill. That’s a big accomplishment, and every project like that one helps improve our community’s future.”

Novak Sanitary has been successful in recruiting construction companies to recycle their project waste, thanks to simple collection methods and flexible pickup schedules. Construction recycling services can be customized for each project, with pickup schedules tailored to each project’s volume. To learn more about how Novak Sanitary can help your company to recycle, visit - Construction.